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Yes, you are not locked into a contract you can cancel any time.

Because your not locked into a contract, you can return it whenever you’d like. Since your not locked into a contract, you can return it whenever you’d like. There will be a prepaid return label with your order.

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No, we do not believe customers should be locked into any contract.

Subscriptions renew automatically and your Service will continue in effect unless and until you properly cancel your membership subscription or we terminate it. The subscription fee will be billed in full on the first day of your paid subscription and on each monthly anniversary thereafter, unless and until you cancel your subscription. If your billing date lands on a day not contained in a given month, you will be billed on the last day of that month. For example, if your paid subscription began on August 31st, your next billing date would be September 30th.

 No, since you are not locked into a contract you cancel anytime and there is no interest or hidden fees.

Before returning it be sure to back up your device and please clean the device of all data. It is important that you remove your Apple ID Or Google account and also removing the PIN code and any parental controls.  

If we can’t access the device after it has been returned due to it being connected to your Apple ID or Google account, we will have to charge you to reset and unlock the device.

Here are the steps to remove your account from the device

iPhone & iPads

Android smartphones and tablets

If you do not know how we will clean the device of all of your data and send you an email with an image that your data on the device has been wiped clean.

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