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Does your phone keep crashing?

10 steps: How to reduce your device crashing.

Ever open up an app and after a few minutes, you get the error saying that unfortunately, the app has stopped working or sometimes no error at all and the app just closes on you. Crashing apps is never a … Read More

Subscrube to the tech you want at a fraction of retail prices |

How Subscribing To A Product Can Manage Your Money.

The process of paying only a fraction of a product’s price each week or month instead of paying the whole amount in full is appealing to many consumers. This gives people the chance to invest the remaining amount towards something … Read More

10 Steps to a better battery life | Levrsage

10 Steps to a better battery life

When purchasing a new device, we tend to look at the battery capacity because we want something that doesn’t just have all the latest bells and whistles but a phone that will take us through the work/play day and maybe … Read More

Man on computer | Leversage

Why does my phone keep freezing? 8 tips to solve it

One of the most annoying things to deal with on a phone is having your device screen freeze on you. Or having a slow phone, if you would like to know how to speed it up as well you will … Read More