10 steps: How to reduce your device crashing.

Does your phone keep crashing?

Ever open up an app and after a few minutes, you get the error saying that unfortunately, the app has stopped working or sometimes no error at all and the app just closes on you. Crashing apps is never a good experience and can lead to losing of data or having to restart from scratch whatever you were using the app for. In some instances, the app won’t even start up again and will repeat the cycle of crashes.

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So what do you do about a crashing application, well here are some ideas.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app. A quick fix to an app crash is to uninstall the app from your device, download a fresh copy and reinstall it before launching it again. All your settings will be reset, however, but you should get a crash-free app now.
  2. Clear App data: Sometimes it’s the configuration or change in the config that might be affecting the app, so clearing the app data might fix the issue and allow you to use the app again, this should be tried for apps that were previously working but suddenly started crashing.
  3. Update: newer versions of most applications or phone software will deal with reported cases of crashes so its always wise to stay up to date with your app and device updates.
  4. Downgrade: Not all updates are perfect, so if you notice that your app crashes a lot after updating it, then you might wish to downgrade that particular app to an earlier version while waiting for the developer to fix the issue.
  5. Report the crash: Developers need feedback to be able to fix app crashes and if no one tells them that there is an issue, no fixes will be forthcoming, hence if you experience an app or device crash follow the onscreen instructions to report the case. It’s not the fastest way to have the problem fixed but such reports are essential to the developer to improve their codes.
  6. Restart the Phone: Sometimes a simple restart is all it takes to get your apps behaving again. To turn off your phone for a few minutes and then turn it back on before launching the app again to see if it fixes the problem.
  7. Wipe your Cache partition: By wiping the cache partition, you will remove all the junk and temporary files stored on your Android devices. If some of the files are corrupted, the apps you are using can freeze or crash. You can also free up some space on your smartphone or tablet. You have to boot your device into recovery mode. Every smartphone has a different combination of keys that needs to be pressed.
  8. Free up some space: Your app might be crashing simply because it doesn’t have enough space to work with and doesn’t know what to do hence a crash, so check if there is adequate space on your device and if not, free up some more space.
  9. Factory Reset: Not a popular option but in some cases, this might be the only option to get your apps unfrozen, simply follow your phone manufacturers instructions and perform a factory reset on your device, then re-install your apps again.
  10. Reduce the number of running Apps: Its best not to have too many apps running at the same time because they will all be vying for your phones limited resources, this will lead to some hogging more resources than others and the starved apps might just crash as a result.

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