10 Steps to a better battery life

10 Steps to a better battery life | Levrsage

When purchasing a new device, we tend to look at the battery capacity because we want something that doesn’t just have all the latest bells and whistles but a phone that will take us through the work/play day and maybe a little further. Hence device manufacturers always love to promote the capacity of their device’s battery, claiming that it will see you through a day or even two with average usage, lots of time to talk and watch videos all before you need to connect it to charge.

Great as all that sounds, we still see some users having problems with the battery life of their devices. Ranging from the battery draining too quickly, charging too slowly or even not charging at all, to device turning off even though the indicator showed there was plenty of charge left in it.

In such situations there are a few things you can do to mitigate or solve the problem, we are going to list 10 of such things down below.

  1. The Apps did it: As we have seen in plenty of TV crime dramas, there is a list of usual suspects when the law is broken and for your phone, one of the most common suspects to look into are your apps. Time to put on your detective hat and fish out your glasses to take a closer look into what apps are running on your phone. A deep dive might bring out some unscrupulous apps that seem to be draining your battery because they are using a lot of resource without telling you or they are constantly running in the background slowly but surely draining your battery power, but it could also be something simple like a misconfigured app or an outdated app that you just forgot to update, regardless, reconfiguring or disabling such apps might solve your problem, and if you don’t need that particular app, then uninstalling it is a better option.
  2. Too Cheap to Charge: We know there are some great deals on eBay or Amazon where for a few bucks you can get a seemingly great charger. But you might end up with a case of buyers remorse, where what you thought was a great deal, does far more harm than good, when you buy chargers that are not from your device manufacturer of a reputable third-party provider, you are usually in for a world of hurt and lets home that slow charging is all the problem they cause.
  3. Not too Hot and Not too Cold: Believe it or not but temperature also affects the speed at which your phone charges. For most modern phone, you will find a Li-ion battery which is best operated at a Charge temps of 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F) or Discharge temps of –20°C to 60°C (–4°F to 140°F) No charging is charge permitted below freezing but you will get a good charge/discharge performance at a higher temperature but note that you will get shorter battery life.
  4. Faulty or damaged Battery: You might notice that your charger doesn’t fit perfectly into the charging port of your phone or that the pins seem a bit bent, this can lead to poor contact or no contact which will obviously affect the phone charging capabilities. So it might be time to go to the nearest device repair shop or manufacturer’s service center and have them take a look. If it’s not advisable for you to do it yourself unless you know what you are doing or can afford a new device if you happen to ruin this one beyond repair.
  5. Factory Defect: Not all phones are equal and not all phones are created equally. You might just be unlucky enough to be one of the very few people that got a defective phone right off the bat. So if you notice that your device isn’t charging or is draining faster than expected, it might be time to make use of that shiny warranty and get your phone replaced or fixed. 
  6. Reduce Background Apps: Just as we mentioned earlier there might be some apps that are running in the background of your device, but this time we are not talking of malicious apps but your normal everyday user-friendly apps. The only issue is that you leave all of them open which drains your battery, so it might be time to scroll through your tiles and close the apps you don’t need at that moment or clear them all preferably.
  7. Widgets: Well all love a good home screen widget but having them always on and in large quantity will affect your battery performance. So even though they might look cool, it would be best to limit yourself just to the most important ones.
  8. Over Charging: One of the most common practices amongst phone users is to leave their device plugged in to charge all night long while they sleep. This is because we all love a full battery when we get up in the morning and start our day but this isn’t very healthy for your battery. By forcing more current than its capacity into the battery you are basically shortening the lifetime of that battery. Modern devices are equipped with the feature where if the phone reaches 100% it will automatically shut off extra current going into your phone.
  9. Under Charging: Worse still, are those that don’t allow their batteries to reach a full 100% but are happy to charge it above 50-60% then unplug it and off they go. Doing this repeatedly will lead to your battery not being able to charge beyond that point. It is advisable to let your phone fully discharge and then fully charge to have optimal battery life.
  10. Battery Age: For those of you that have had your device for a few years, you will notice that your battery performance isn’t what it used to be. Over time Li-ion batteries degrade and are unable to hold as much charge are they originally did. So if your battery is showing signs of degradation due to old age, it might be time to have the battery replaced if you wish to keep using that phone.

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