Why does my phone keep freezing? 8 tips to solve it

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One of the most annoying things to deal with on a phone is having your device screen freeze on you. Or having a slow phone, if you would like to know how to speed it up as well you will find it here.But here are a few things to do to stop your phone from freezing on you, if you find yourself in such a situation.

  • Remove the battery (if possible)

If you are fortunate enough to have a device with a removable battery, one of the quickest fixes is to simply remove the battery on the phone, wait a few minutes and then replace the battery back in again. This usually isn’t a permanent fix but should let you use your device for a bit.

  • Hard restart:

Most phone manufacturers have a simple step that you can perform to restart your device, usually it involves holding down two or more buttons on your device to get this done. Look at your device manual or search online to find more details on how to perform this.

  • Hard Reset:

If you wish to simply return your device to its factory state, you can do a hard reset on your phone, this will usually wipe your device clean but will, in most cases, fix your freezing screen issue. But this is an extreme that should only be done as a last resort and you should have a backup of your data before attempting this.

  • Close Apps

If you are able to return to the homepage or title selection, you might want to force close the app that is frozen.

When you do have use of your device there are a few things you can do to prevent such occurrences happening in the future.

  • Keeps Apps Updated

Make sure your apps are up to date, usually newer versions of an app will fix freezing issues.

  • Reduce Workload

Make sure you are not running more than the phone can handle at once. Your device might not be able to handle the amount of work load thrown at it, either because it does not have enough storage space or more likely not enough Ram.

  • Get a newer device

If you are performing heavy workloads on your phone then you might want to upgrade the device to something that can keep up with the demand you are placing on it. Newer devices have much larger storage and Ram and can take a lot more punishment than previous generations. (Especially to all you mobile gamers out there)

  • Check background apps

That might be overusing resources. The leading cause of a phone freeze is not enough memory so you should make sure there are no applications that are using your device memory without your knowledge.

If all else fails and your device is still freezing, then it might be time to think about recycling it or just selling it off for parts.

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